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Business acquisiton is the process of acquiring one corporation by another to build on strengths or weaknesses of the acquiring company, through either the purchase of its shares, or the purchase of its assets. A merger refers more strictly to combining all of the interests of both companies into one stronger company.

Either process begins with defining the type of business that would make a good acquisition. Businesses within the same segment or complementary market segment are generally a good target.

When buying another company it is possible to achive massive growth literally overnight

A single acquisition refers to one company buying the assets and operations of another company and absorbing what is needed while simply discarding unnecessary pieces of the acquired business. Split and sell acquisitions involve buying an entire business in order to gain one or two pieces of the business. In this case the excess is often sold off to recapture some of the acquisition cost.

Companies choose to grow by acquiring others to increase market share, to gain access to new technologies, to gain control of some assets or distribution channels and many of other reasons. Acquisition is an increasingly common way to expand because of the instant growth, but it has its risks as many things can go wrong: Cultures may clash, key employees may leave, synergies may fail to emerge, assets may lose value, and costs may skyrocket.

However, the end result could grow the business faster and in a more profitable manner than regular growth would provide.

That's why you need a good ally to look for the best deals possible. At Race Rock Capital we focus on all types of transfers, sales, mergers and acquisitions, franchise resales, and more. We also provide expertise on valuations, acquisition searches, positioning a business for sale, and funding.

Each business's situation is different, and so is each acquistion process, but all our acquisition services are based on:

  • Due diligence on both sellers and buyers
  • Confidentiality for our clients
  • Professional assistance, whether you want to buy or sell your company.


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