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Acquiring a business

Acquiring a business is an act that usually builds strength on the company that is buying, and results in the original business growing. Acquisitions can happen when the target company is related to the buying business, and is usually too small or low on budget too resist the larger company, for example, a large Hamburger franchise can buy a smaller rivalling franchise, if it so wished. Acquisitions begin when the buying company purchases all of the assets of the selling business. The company then decides wich they are going to keep, and which to liquidate. Sometimes, companies will buy entire businesses, in order to get one or two parts of it. They might keep the workers orginially working there, but they might also be fired if their section of the business is going to be liquidated.

Once a company is acquired into another, the "parent" company is much more likely to earn bigger profits due to the added workforce. Race Rock Capital is a company specialised in helping those companies who wish to acquire another. We are a hardened force experienced in negotiating with companies that are selling their services and assets.

Buying and selling businesses

Race Rock represents companies across a broad spectrum of industries.  Only a limited number of clients are engaged at any one time to ensure every transaction receives the dedication and attention necessary to achieve an optimum result.  Companies at all levels of profitability are considered as our diverse stable of buyers have an appetite for both profitable and negative cash flow situations.

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